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     Trenic TKD Classes

Generation-X (4-7yrs)



Our Generation-X program has been specifically designed for children aged 4-7 years, incorporates a variety of fundimental training techniques, whilst promoting confidence, team spirit, problem solving and vital life skills. 


Each child is presented with their own Syllabus book specifically designed for our younger members which we encourage them to read and learn. It also has a series of pictures and diagrams which they can colour in and show in thier classes. 


Step by step we progress through different exercises, basic techniques and life skills in a fun and engaging program ideal for those new to Taekwon-Do. At the end of each training cycles the children will be tested and awarded with thier new belts, badges and certificates

Cadet (7-12yrs)



Our cadets follow the I.T.F syllabus which links tradition tul work and set sparring with modern methods of fitness and self defense. Each of our instructors work hard to motivate all the students to work hard to develop both physical and mental strength and push each member to be the best they can be. For those looking to pursue a competitive career we encourage our talented students to take part in junior squad sessions and offer the opportunity to attend national and international events.


This is the ideal class for any child looking to improve thier health and fitness, increase self confidence and and learn practical self defence techniques whilst working toward the prestigious black belt status and beyond.    

Adults (13yrs+)



Our adult classes are designed to follow the ITF belt syllabus whilst developing fitness and confidence in a social environment. Our classes include;Targeted fitness curcuits, Self defense and sparring drills, Sparring and pattern coaching and flexibilty and stretching.


At trenic-TKD we understand many of our members may not to wish to spar and compete and thats fine. we respect the wants and needs of each of our students and promise to help each achieve their personal goals. For those that do want to aspire toward world champion status we can provide you with the guidance and coaching needed to help make this dream possibe.

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